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Yogi – Indy Rishi Singh

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I am in the business of wellness.

My company, iLiving, integrates the science and technologies of the West with the philosophies of the East. I bring meditation, yoga, and holistic nutritional habits into corporations, schools, and various social institutions.

Neuroplasticity Meditation involves Laughter Therapy, which is a brand new style of learning and practicing mindfulness. Volunteering is a major component of the meditation I teach, including a project called ShareAMeal. Volunteers climb aboard a community food truck dedicated to serving fresh, hot vegetarian burritos to homeless throughout Los Angeles.

I also develop digital media that has deep roots in positivity. One project, Talk GOOD, is a positive news show that will be featured on a new social media platform set to launch this summer. iLiving is also working on wellness projects involving virtual reality, augmented reality, and apps to improve personal and social paradigms.

 – Indy Rishi Singh of iLiving

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