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Writing for Social Change with S.M. Jarvis


Author S.M. Jarvis uses her passion for writing to effect positive change in the lives of others.

I believe that to inspire social change you must start with yourself. When I asked myself how could I help make positive changes in our community while doing something that I love, book publishing was the obvious answer.

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Her first book, Moral Dissipation, is about opioid drug addiction. It was written from the perspectives of an addict, his half brother, mother and girlfriend, to illustrate how a single addiction can impact multiple lives.

Jarvis hopes that when people read Moral Dissipation they will think twice before abusing prescription medication.

Moral Dissipation has already started fighting stigma around addiction. Addicts who read the book feel less judged and are more willing to ask for help. It also has helps parents, spouses and children of addicts understand what their loved ones are going through.

Jarvis donates ten percent of profits from book sales to organizations that help recovering addicts and their families. She also talks at high schools and colleges to build awareness and address stigma around addiction.

Meanwhile, her second book, entitled Suppressed Desires, will be about psychological abuse. Proceeds will be donated to the cause, as well.

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