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A vivacious mix of abundant energy, steady deliberate action, glee and a bursting openness to indulging in, shifting and reshaping the world…. Nadine McNeil is a Bali-based, Jamaican yoga teacher, humanitarian and global activist.

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Through her Universal Empress brand, Nadine travels the world leading workshops and retreats, presenting on a variety of social issues, and supporting community building initiatives.

Having worked with the United Nations for many years before following her heart and moving on to a yoga career, Nadine has an acute understanding of the need to practice self love while being of service to the greater world, and of the vital importance of living your truth and stepping outside your comfort zone to follow your heart’s calling.

This June, Nadine will host a weeklong Yoga Immersion at the Yoga Barn in Bali called In Search of Meaning. Along with daily yoga, healthy meals, body work and private coaching sessions, she will share how she stepped into her life purpose, helping participants do the same by passing on tools to gain clarity of self while increasing a sense of overall well-being, joy and balance.



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Here’s what Nadine told us about seeking to ignite positive change and living one’s purpose…

What is the connection between living your purpose and well-being?

NM: Burnout is oftentimes the result of not being true to ourselves. When we are connected to our purpose and are living authentically in all areas of our lives, by virtue of this alignment, we enhance our well-being. To be clear, the term well-being means that how we eat, think, move, breathe and commune with others is in a continuous, harmonious flow. People who are truly engaged in their purpose are leading full, satisfying and rewarding lives. Dis-ease will arise when we decide to journey along a path that does not speak to who we truly are.  We become disenchanted with life and eventually disconnected from ourselves — the antithesis of well-being.  

What’s the value you hold highest as a conscious entrepreneur?

NM: Integrity. We can oftentimes confuse integrity with righteousness. The latter is laced with judgment — of self and others. Integrity is when our thoughts, deeds and actions are in sync with each other and positively contribute to being part of a greater whole.  


How are you seeking to ignite positive change through your work?

NM: If we want things to change, then we must be willing to change something. More than seeking to ignite others, I focus on uplifting myself. Perhaps the best way to inspire self and others is to live and lead by example. The statement that charity begins at home carries epic proportions. That home we refer to is actually the inner self that resides within each and every one of us. We are naturally drawn to those whose attitudes, beliefs and values are in harmony with ours. The main intention with my work is to be a mirror for others to look at themselves. I use the privilege of my varied life experiences to demonstrate to others that an awakening life amidst a pile of adversities is indeed available and possible for those who dare to choose it. Once you’ve taken that first step, the Universe conspires to support you.   

For more information on Nadine’s upcoming retreat and the Universal Empress brand & mission, visit Nadine McNeil online at:

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