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Saya Designs ~ Planting Trees in Indonesia for Every Hairpin Sold


Inspired by nature and handmade by Balinese artisans, S A Y A Designs is a brand new heart-fuelled venture. Its first unique collection of 12 handcrafted and beautiful hairpins on were launched on Kickstarter on April 19th. Using root wood salvaged from old plantations, each piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques and are made to be tactile and aesthetically flawless. With every hairpin purchased, endangered tree species are planted back into rainforests in Indonesia.


S a y a tells stories about the environment, culture and craft. In doing so, they give people an invitation to act with them on a subject they are deeply passionate about – proactively saving the environment, working with local communities and creating completely individual sustainable fashion pieces.


S a y a is based on the belief that entrepreneurialism and commerce can keep traditional methods alive and drive positive action. Each design presents a 100% reusable and biodegradable option to the current plastic and elastic disposable hair accessories.

The S a y a business model is formulated to support a sustainable supply chain – splitting profits with those positively impacting our natural environment, while spreading an important ethical message.


S a y a will be working with partner organisation, Gaia, who work not only to plant their seeds, but also educate farmers and communities in supporting their ecosystems across pilot sites in Indonesia.

Through their designs, products and marketing, it is S a y a’s hope to inspire others to learn more and get involved with environmental and wildlife conservation – bringing beauty into people’s lives through unique designs and traditional handmade crafts that have stories to tell.


S a y a is bringing back this original hair tool with timeless designs for the modern aesthete – who cares as much about the story of the products they wear, as they do of how good it looks.

“Being environmentally friendly is fashionable in itself. We want to be turning heads for all the right reasons.” – Victoria Jones, founder of S a y a Designs.

S a y a launched its Kickstarter campaign to build a community of customers and backers who are as excited by the process as they are by the final product.

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