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Providing Tuition to Eliminate Poverty ~ One World Tuition

One​ ​World​ ​Tuition works to empower people and eliminate poverty by providing tuition to students in developing nations.


“Education can help bridge the gap between ethnic, religious and cultural tensions.” -Right for Education.

One World Tuition believes that education is the key to eliminating poverty by providing people with the tools they need to help themselves and their family. In many developing nations, even the most basic education costs money. People living in poverty cannot afford these costs. Without an education, many people are stuck in the cycle of poverty.


Globally, 62 million girls are not in school and even more are fighting to stay there. Girls empowered with an education will delay marriage, have fewer children, earn a bigger income, and are more likely to invest in their families and communities. When girls gain skills, knowledge, and confidence, they break the cycle of poverty and help strengthen societies. Educate girls,change the world.

By providing students with tuition, they are able to get the education they need to do better for themselves and their family, thus ending the cycle.

One World Tuition is a website where users can search through students from around the world and donate to their education. Education can include anything from primary school, post-secondary, trade school, agricultural classes and much more. This is not limited to children because it’s never too late to get an education and change your life.


According to UNESCO, 171 million people could be lifted from poverty if they left school with basic reading skills.

Users will be able to donate anything from $1 to the full amount of the tuition. The entire donation goes straight to the student.

One World Tuition partners directly with schools in developing nations.

Students in need of financial assistance apply by filling out a short questionnaire. The organization uses that information to put the student on our website to get the funding. Once the funds are raised One World Tuition sends them to pay for the student’s school.


Half way through the school year, the organization receives the student’s report card. At that point the student can reapply for the next year’s tuition. Their report card would need to be submitted at the end of the year as well. If they have not been attending school, they will not be able apply for the next year’s tuition.

Grants and individual donations go towards expanding One World Tuition’s services to more schools in more countries and eventually hiring a small group of dedicated employees to run the day to day operations.


Our latest student is Alondra. She has an amazing story. She lives in a dump in El Salvador with her father. She could not afford to go to primary school, because she could not afford the mandatory uniform. A church group built a school for the children in the dump so they could attend in whatever clothes they had. She graduated high school from this church-sponsored school in December 2016. She is a part of the first graduating class from the school. We will be providing college tuition to all students graduating from this school. There were four graduating seniors last December but she was the only one who got accepted into college. She still lives in the dump today but is smart and motivated and we are thrilled to provide her with the education she needs to better life. 


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