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NuvoGlas recycles/upcycles glass bottles into beautiful products, and also transform people’s lives by providing jobs for those who are disabled and/or homeless.

All discarded bottles that NuvoGlas rescues goes through a process of redemption: bottles are cleaned, cut, polished, and etched by hand.

Every handmade fire-polished glass by NuvoGlas has been annealed – Making it stronger and less prone to chipping than a sanded rim. The flames that melt and the heat used to anneal each glass guarantees quality of workmanship.


14117897_1032677116845677_3728053717012293390_nThrough their job program, NuvoGlas teaches people skills so they can re-enter the workforce with confidence.

By employing persons within marginalized communities, NuvoGlas is creating a cycle of empowerment and lasting social change through vocation training, education, and transitional and long term employment opportunities.

NuvoGlas is determined to develop and cultivate a thriving upcycling industry in the Northwest that will benefit the whole community, by utilizing creative and socially conscientious ways of doing business.


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