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Making Shoes to Help Women in Morocco: JE-Shoes

Jamingo Essaouira (JE) designs shoes that are made by local women in Morocco, aiding their financial independence.
Here’s a note from JE’s founder, Jolanda van Iersel:
My name is Jolanda and I’m Dutch, but I lived in Essaouira, Morocco for a long time.
Our initiative is based on my work last year with street children in Essaouira.
I discovered that if there was more social support for single mothers that there would be fewer children who would have to grow up in poverty.
I also discovered raffia. Raffia comes from an African palm tree. Many people in Morocco have the skill to make things with raffia.
So 1 and 1 became 3, and I decided to have shoes made from the leaves and sell raffia-shoes as a product in the European market to begin with, to provide support for the women in Morocco who make them.
For now the shoes are being sold in stores in Amsterdam, Delft and Utrecht. I also ship to Australia, Philippines and America.
I work with a collective of women in Essaouira who are not educated and would otherwise not have a lot of possibilities for changing their lives. It makes me proud!
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