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LOT2545: Working with Street Boys in Kampala, Uganda

From Amanda Jones, Founder of a non-profit organization called LOT2545 in Kampala, Uganda.
“We work with youth living on the streets to help them secure a future off the streets by providing education, counseling, and skills training.
“We focus on the oldest boys on the streets because most organizations tend to overlook them, considering them too wild and independent, too addicted to drugs, and too resistant to change.  However, we know that they can be different and without a chance, there are no opportunities for them and they will only end up in prison or dead. We want them to have a chance at the future they deserve.
“Currently LOT2545 has 26 boys in our care and we have started small businesses for more than 12 boys.  We also employ a group of single moms/widows to make paper bead jewelry for us.  They are paid a fair wage for their work, which allows them to care for their families.”
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