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Igniting India’s Marginalized Children ~ One Life to Love

One Life to Love is a non-profit organization with a vision to help the most neglected children in India realize their full potential and become all they are destined to be.
The nonprofit’s founder, Courtney Lalotra, started the organization after doing social work in shelter homes in New Delhi in 2010, where she developed a deep love and concern for the city’s most marginalized children, those with special needs, believing that with love the children could reach their full potential.
Courtney explains the organization’s three main areas of focus:
“We have rescued 10 boys from the streets and have adopted them into our Home of Hope – an orphanage for abandoned children with special needs. Here they receive all the healthcare, nutrition, education, therapy and, most importantly, love they need in order to overcome their challenges and lead happy healthy lives.”
“We sponsor the education of 400 underprivileged girls. Through this sponsorship program we are preventing early drop-outs due to child marriage, poverty, safety concerns, gender inequality, and lack of value for education.”
“We provide over 1,000 homeless families hot meals, blankets, clothing, medicine and other basic needs through our RELIEF programs.”
We believe in the value of individual lives. By changing one child’s life, you are in fact changing the world.
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