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Green Bar & Kitchen — Plant-based Sweetness You MUST Taste!

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If I could pitch a tent outside this place, I would. If I could move in and sleep at a table, you’d see me there every morning. No, really though…. If I could eat at Green Bar & Kitchen EVERY damn day, I sure as hoot would do so. I love it that much. Honestly. Unfortunately though, none of that is possible. I’ll have to settle for regular visits. This place has also inspired me to rev up my clean eating commitment and reminded me that plant-based food can be awesomely yummy and diverse.


Green Bar & Kitchen is a plant-based, gluten-free, vegan restaurant located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Here’s why I LOVE it:


1. The food, obviously. First and foremost. Mouthwatering, flavorful.


2. The staff. They are really cool and very sweet. Not in any weird pushy inauthentic kind of way. They just come across as genuinely nice. I’m not sure if niceness is an HR requirement or if they are trained to be that way… It doesn’t matter, really. I like it. A lot.


3. By extension, the whole place has a vibe that’s a perfect mix of down-to-earth and sophistication. The decor is super clean and crisp, but it’s all very non-pretentious. You order your food, pick up your own utensils and water, have a seat and then you’re served your meal at your table. That very process alone is telling… The perfect mix.


4.   Kids, men, and a potpourri of people. The little kiddies at Green Bar & Kitchen were adorable and ate up their plant-based food quite merrily (which is a testament to how good it tastes, by the way). There was one little girl (she was maybe only one-years-old) who was smiling, laughing, nibbling up all her food while her mama and friend chatted away barely having to pay her much mind. She was enthralled. The place was also full of men. Refreshing, because those kinds of “salady” places are usually stuffed with women. AND, all kinds of people were there – all races, all nationalities. No one can resist this place.


5. I left Green Bar & Kitchen with a full and satisfied tummy. That didn’t mean I could barely breathe because my gut couldn’t expand any further. It also didn’t mean that I had to unhook my pants due to a bulging gut. And, I wasn’t tired either. On the contrary, I was light and energized.


6. Reggae mussiiiccc! I’m Jamaican. There was reggae music playing allll day. L.O.V.E.L.Y.

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The Green Bar & Kitchen story is pretty sweet too… Here’s a summary.


Elena, one of the founders of Green Bar & Kitchen, years ago lost both of her parents suddenly within a short period of time. She was heartbroken. Plus, she realized she just wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. As a consequence of both, she changed her life and jumped into holistic living and studying nutrition, not knowing that she’d soon have a lifesaving task to complete using the very knowledge she was soaking up. When her brother had a stroke and was left in a coma, several doctors told the family to pull the plug – there was no way he could get out of it. Unwilling to lose yet another family member, Elena and her brother’s best friend, Charlie, began their mission to heal her brother by pumping him with powerful, plant-based nutrients and showering him with alternative healing techniques. Their efforts were joined by her sister-in-law who led a team of prayer warriors who doused him with love, prayer and faith. Months later, he woke up. Miraculously. ”I was in tears. I got on my knees and promised God I would dedicate my life to empowering people to live healthier lives”, she says. Green Bar & Kitchen birthed from that promise. It’s not about money, Elena shares, it’s about her mission to make healthy living cool and accessible. And I TOTALLY dig that :) … Her brother is perfectly fine now, and Charlie, by the way, ended up marrying Elena and is her Green Bar & Kitchen business partner as well. “I witnessed a miracle, and have the sweetest brother now… much sweeter than before. And as far as Charlie, he is DELICIOUS!”, Elena beams.


So, as you can see, Green Bar & Kitchen is seeped in all kinds of sweet stuff, and when you go there you can actually feel and taste it.

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