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Global Education with Joy Sun Bear

Joy Sun Bear

Joy Sun Bear is a special sun bear cub from West Sumatra, Indonesia that embarks on magical adventures to explore the world, learning about different cultures and his inner gifts, and sharing it all with his friends through letters on his website,

Joy Sun Bear, Inc. is a global education company with the mission to inspire and better the lives of children and families, through education, creativity, activities and products that help them:

  • Become aware of, and celebrate, the love and joy within themselves.

  • Embrace diversity to create a connection with other people and cultures.                               

  • Take care of the one world that we all inhabit.

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Their small, multicultural team lives what they are striving to share with children around the world and enjoy each and every opportunity to spread awareness about other countries and cultures through their fun blogs (written from Joy Sun Bear’s perspective), interactive and educational coloring pages, activities, crafts, recipes and more.  Their goal is to also bring children and their families together to celebrate themselves and the world.  As Joy Sun Bear travels to a different country every month, they also share a different emotion with children and families to help build self-love, awareness and esteem in kids.  They also strive to help parents and children connect with one another, learn about the similarities that we all share, and learn how to respect our differences in order to unite as people of the planet.

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