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Fierce Forward: A Movement of Empowerment


Fierce Forward is an online platform, lifestyle movement and brand that promotes healthy, authentic living, through a philosophy of moving forward FIERCELY towards your goals and dreams.

AMOR are Fierce Forward’s line of hand-beads, which are used as tools of positive reinforcement for women along their journey of living fiercely. The Armor is meant to be worn daily as a visual reminder of the wearer’s intention-setting and vision for her life. Made with African Trade Beads, purchasing Armor also supports and empowers the community of women in Africa who make them.

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Fierce Forward’s founder, Ashley Johns, birthed the movement after her own bout of personal turmoil.

In 2009, Ashley created Fierce Forward as a personal mantra to fuel her while she pushed through reshaping her life – losing weight, becoming healthier and rebuilding her career. Within a year she was so successful that she became a sought after professional bodybuilder. Before long though, she realized that although she had dramatically shifted her life’s trajectory, she was still empty inside and that her extreme dedication to shredding fat and gaining muscle had led her to developing an eating disorder.

After that bodybuilding track came to a screeching halt, Ashley decided to refocus on finding true freedom and happiness. In 2013, she launched the Fierce Forward movement as a source for inspiration to help women along their journeys as well. By 2014, she launched the first collection of Armor.


Fierce Forward’s enormous success wasn’t something Ashley initially envisioned. Today, the brand takes her on global excursions, and she has expanded to offering transformational coaching and retreats. The Fierce Forward community  is now almost 3000 women strong.

Fierce Forward’s philosophy…

  • Live your Fiercest life.
  • Be your Fiercest self.
  • Love yourself.
  • Be good to others.
  • Practice daily self care.
  • Live with intention.
  • Dream big and then go make it happen.
  • Believe in yourself and all your limitlessness.
  • Know that you have choice in all you do and never give up.

Ashley’s advice to all women: “It’s so important to know how powerful you are. Anything you want to have in life, you can have because you are limitless. Do it now, because life is short.” 

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