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Feed a Child ~ South Africa


An estimated 30% of children in South Africa are living below the food poverty line, which is the most extreme form of poverty.


Feed a Child is a registered nonprofit organization located in South Africa that provides a nourishing meal to children living below the poverty line. The aim is to give hope to not only the children, but also the communities where these children live.


Feed a Child currently has an impact on the lives of approximately 10,000 people on a regular basis, and is delivering more than 2,000,000 meals per annum to children throughout South Africa. Acknowledging that feeding alone will not suffice, the nonprofit has embarked on longer term solutions by training communities to start their own vegetable gardens. Its goal is to serve the community through sustainable programs to diminish the scale of poverty and malnutrition, uplift the community and restore balance.


The consequences of malnutrition are severe and include growth stunting, anemia, decreased learning capacity and a weakened immune system. In an attempt to address these adverse challenges, Feed a Child is providing Nutrimeal that contains all the vitamins and minerals to enhance and maintain the immune system. This is an instant porridge that is mixed with water and is available in 10 flavors.

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Knowing that most people want to feel good by ‘paying it forward’, Feed a Child has also created shops that allow anyone wanting to give away their unwanted, but still useful, items, while simultaneously contributing positively to society, can make a huge difference without hands-on involvement. The shops also give the less fortunate more dignity to pay with the little money available to them rather than to beg or steal. Feed a Child’s shops located in Pretoria, Middelburg and Klerksdorp in South Africa.


100% of donations to Feed a Child goes to aid the chosen population.

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