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Elundini Backpackers ~ Eco-friendly Travel in South Africa


Elundini Backpackers is an eco-hostel in the quaint and remote Elundini village in the mountains of South Africa that are home to the Xhosa people.


The hostel is run by a family of four – a Belgium wife, her South African husband and their two children – who moved to the area to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in harmony with the tight knit community.


Elundini Backpackers is 90% off the grid, with all aspects of its operations being environmentally friendly by using rain water, solar panels, recycling, compost toilets and buildings built traditional Xhosa-style using all-natural resources.


The hostel has also created projects to improve the livelihood of the local community. They engage community members in all backpacker activities, empowering locals with an income as well as meaningful exchange with cultures other than their own. The hostel has also established a volunteer program, offering travellers an opportuinty to use their skills to help better the living conditions in Elundini. This ecosystem ensures that as Elundini Backpackers grows, so too does the local community.


To make an even greater impact, the Elundini Backpackers family has also started a nonprofit called the LEO (Learn to Earn to Own) Community Project, which provides skills training and helps locals create sustainable businesses. To date, the nonprofit has started a bee project to produce organic honey, and installed water tanks for clean drinking water and to supply for the community’s vegetable gardening.


According to founder, Lieve Claessen, Elundini Backpackers is a great option for socially responsible travel, the exploration of authentic sustainable living, true cultural immersion and for the traveller who wants to venture off the beaten path.


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