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“Bad Missionary” Gret Glyer in Malawi


Gret Glyer graduated from Grove City College in 2012 with a degree in entrepreneurship and immediately started working at a typical desk job. It paid well, would be good for his resume and had promotion opportunities. But he wasn’t happy. 

After viewing a talk by Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity Water, Gret decided to drop everything and do something that mattered. He wanted to affect the lives of those around him in a way that only he could. So he went to Malawi to teach at African Bible Colleges. He thought that being a teacher in Africa would be a big change by itself, but that was just the start.


Gret has now been living in Malawi for three years. In that time, he has started a nonprofit organization called HOWMs (Housing for Orphans and Widows in Malawi) that has built over 100 houses. He also created a Youtube channel called “Bad Missionary” where he posts weekly videos to fundraise for different projects. For example, a series of videos allowed him to build a well for a village of over 1,000 people. He also lowered the malaria rate in a 900-person village by putting mosquito nets in every house. And currently, he is working on an all-girls school, which is scheduled to open on September 5th.


His latest project is an app called DonorSee. It will allow anyone in the third-world to fundraise for projects the way that he has been doing. With this app, he’s excited for donors to see who their gifts help.

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