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Artist Inspiration: Nikki DePriest

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What inspires artist Nikki DePriest? Read on…

“As an artist, I am inspired by so many things, naturally.”

PranaW2 copy“The ocean. I am an ocean lover to the stars and back, through and through. I am inspired by a people’s resilience, stories of survival, beauty, resistance, islands, discarded /abandoned structures, turquoise, spirals in nature, silence, love.

PranaWrites17 copy“Creatively I’m in a fun space right now, experimenting with new mediums (india ink and watercolor) doodling illustrations of yoga inspired creatures. These doodles incorporate my love for asana practice and fluidity. I’m enjoying them because they are different from my portrait artwork and offer me a new sense of freedom!

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PranaWrites15 copy“I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I am currently rooted in Portland, Oregon where I uproot frugally in winter to warmer climates.

PranaW1 (1) copy“After spending much of 2015 in Puerto Rico, I too have a growing interest in Caribbean cultures and coastal communities. I painted portraits of people in my pueblo and also spent 4 mornings a week water-coloring casitas in the pueblo where I lived. The islands continue to call for me to paint them, and so I return.

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PranaW18 copy“There are many different styles of art living inside me. It’s invigorating to make space for new things, new experiences to emerge. My focus today is in illustrating these doodles, water-coloring casitas and painting portraits.”

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