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2017 Documentary Outreach with Actuality Media

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Since 2011, Actuality Media has run Documentary Outreaches to take students and emerging filmmakers to developing communities around the world where they create short documentary films that focus on changemakers working to solve social or environmental issues.

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Each year Actuality Media chooses new locations and new changemakers to work with. In 2017, Documentary Outreaches programs are scheduled for Nepal, Peru, Nicaragua and Morocco.

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Actuality Media, a social enterprise, was started with the idea of telling the world about awesome, inspiring stories that would otherwise be unknown, and to push new documentary filmmakers in the direction of telling powerful, positive stories that can change the world.

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Documentary Outreaches are run as study abroad programs. The team finds changemakers who are both deserving of attention and who can benefit from being the subject of a short documentary telling their story.

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The films are distributed online, submitted to festivals and sometimes shown on TV. But first, as soon as a film is 100% complete, it is given over to the subject organization so they can leverage it for their own self-promotion.

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For more information on Actuality Media and its programs, visit

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