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OHorizons: Clean Water for the World


The team at OHorizons shares about their work… 

OHorizons is a non-profit coalition of technical, social, and commercial innovators.

Our international coalition works to develop and deploy low-tech, context-appropriate innovations to solve global challenges, like access to safe drinking water, so that all people can live a healthy, productive, and dignified life.

11949489_923132197733393_1143688647775141602_nWe believe access to safe drinking water is a human right; and that as global citizens we must work diligently to ensure this right for the nearly 1 billion people who don’t have this basic necessity.


OHorizons water filters provide safe drinking water for families in the remote village of Konilo-Coura, Mali.

That’s why we’ve engineered an award winning Wood Mold for the production of concrete BioSand Filters. These inexpensive water filters go into families’ homes in developing countries. Our low-tech design is open-source and DIY-friendly so anyone, anywhere can download our online construction manual for free and use 100% locally-sourced materials, tools, and labor to bring affordable and sustainable safe drinking water access to the families in their community!


OHorizons has created low-tech solutions that can be built within the communities in need, without electricity.

This year, the projects we facilitate will provide 5,500 people in Bangladesh and Kenya with safe drinking water for +25 years. Over the next six years, we have a plan to reach one million people through our water filter projects.

DONATE to OHorizons on their mission! Every $10 donated gives a person clean water for LIFE!

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OHorizons in Bangladesh.

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